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leib_jacobson_in-_1922Discovering Secrets and Unraveling a Mystery - a story in 2 parts by Coral Grant

Coral is visiting us from the Island to tell about her research into her family's history. She writes: "Initially, all I had was a piece of paper with a few names and huge gaps in what was a pathetic looking family tree. My first step in filling in the blanks was to send off information requests, to various family members. When my Dad received his request, he was prompted to tell me what he thought was a family 'bombshell' - A secret my Grandmother thought she had forever concealed, but was eventually revealed but not without a major road block and several twists and turns. The magic of genetic DNA testing ultimately revealed the answer and so much more. A genealogical adventure my Grandmother would never have imagined."

Part 1 of this story focuses on Canada, while part 2 (coming in Spring 2017) focuses on Latvia and the Ukraine and Crimea.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of British Columbia (JGSBC), a non-profit organization, brings together people who are interested in pursuing their Jewish ancestry or family history. Together with the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC we try to restore the history and family links that time has erased.

While there are many resources available on the internet, their use does require some skill and training. Many traps await the unwary: name changes, spelling errors, the same name for two different people, the many vagaries of census takers, clerks and other takers of record. The difficult task of digitizing the records has led to other errors creeping in. We will help you to avoid those pitfalls and develop an accurate and descriptive family tree. If you are interested in membership, send us an email

This site also has links to resources (including Jewish newspaper archives) that we have found useful in our research.

Special Event


JGSBC, the BC Genealogical Society, Klahanie Research and the West Vancouver Memorial Library will be running a Genealogy Fair on Nov 18 in the Main Hall of the library. Experts from these groups will be there to help you with your research and teach you about the wide range of online and print resources available. This is your chance to dig into topics such as English, Scottish, Irish, First Nations, Eastern European and Jewish genealogy as well as BC archival research and DNA genealogy.

JGSBC is a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies