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Jewish Newspapers and their archives

Newspapers and their archives are a valuable resource for genealogists. One can derive a wealth of information from the social notices that were common in community newspapers of the past, as well as from detailed obituaries. If you are very lucky there may even be an articles about one of your ancestors!

This page provides links to archives of community and regular newspapers from all over the world. Most are historical. Languages include English, French, German, Hebrew, Ladino, Polish and Yiddish. The page is in three parts: Canadian, American and international papers. The links were provided by Cheryl Rimer, a member, who gave a talk on this subject. New links will be added from time-to-time. Last section update: June 18 2021.


Last updated June 18 2021.

Edmonton Jewish NewsABSearchable. Covers 1991-2009. Issues from Dec 2014 to May 2019 are available
Edmonton Jewish LifeABBrowsable archive. Published 1992- 2006.
Edmonton Jewish Times & RecordABBrowsable archive. Published 1987-1991.
Our Community News (Edmonton)ABOur Community News was a non-profit newspaper published and distributed by the Edmonton Jewish Community Council. Sometime between 1967 and 1973, its name was changed to Your Community News. Your Community News ceased publishing in 1980.
The Jewish Star (Edmonton edition)ABBrowsable archive. Published 1980-1990.
The Jewish Star (Calgary Edition) ($)ABIssues from Dec 1, 1980 to June 1, 1990 - some free pages and clippings; other issues accessible with a subscription.
Jewish Western BulletinBCFounded in BC in 1930, became the Jewish Independent in 2005. Archive covers precursor publications and runs from 1925 to 2004. A large portion of the photographic archives of the newspaper dating primarily from 1960 to 1990 are held by the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia. Over 2,000 of these photographs can be viewed online.
Jewish IndependentBCFormerly, the Jewish Western Bulletin. Select stories from December 2001 to June 2014 are found here. Items since January 2014 can be searched via the “Archives” dropdown list at the newspaper’s website.
Jewish Post

Western Jewish News

Israelite Press

MBThese papers are stored in the Archives of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. All three newspapers can be searched together at this link. There is some overlap between the Jewish Post on this site and the Jewish Post and News site.
Jewish Post and News (Winnipeg) MBFounded 1925. Searchable database brings up page images. Numerous issues from August 1987 to December 1996 are on here and from January 1991 to December 1991 here (mislabeled as Canadian Jewish Chronicle (Winnipeg)).
Canadian Jewish NewsONFounded in Toronto in 1960 and became Canada's largest Jewish Newspaper. Montreal edition established in 1969. Archive covers 1960-end 1993. Abstract coverage from 1986 to 2013 and full text coverage from 1996 to 2013 is available in the “Canadian Business and Current Affairs Database” online at various libraries, including the Vancouver Public Library. Toronto and Montreal editions of the Canadian Jewish News from January 12, 2017 to March 26, 2020 are available here.
Canadian Jewish ReviewONArchive covers 1921-1966. (some years/issues missing). Founded in Toronto in 1921, a Montreal edition commenced in 1929 to become a two-city weekly newspaper. Merged with the Canadian Jewish Chronicle in December 1966 to become the Chronicle Review. Some issues missing from the SFU digitized newspaper database from 1935 to 1939 can be found at here.
Der Yiddisher Zhurnal

ONDer Yiddisher Zhurnal (a.k.a. the Daily Hebrew Journal), 1910-1975, was the primary organ for the Yiddish-speaking population in Toronto. Language is in both Yiddish and some English. The Ontario Jewish Archives has the newspaper on microfiche from 1915-1959. About 148 issues are available online at, with most falling within the period from 1957 to 1962. Many issues are joined together under one date rather than indexed separately.
Ottawa Jewish BulletinONPublished since 1937. Issues between 2013-2020 can be accessed through the 'Library' link of the website. Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Archive contains issues from 1937-2009. Issues from 2007 to 2019 can be found here.

The newspaper suspended its print issues in April 2020 at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and subsequently announced it would end the 83-year-old newspaper. An online newsletter, “Ottawa Jewish e-Bulletin”, has replaced it.
Jewish Voice of HamiltonONYiddish newspaper published in Hamilton, Ontario in the 1930s and 1940s. About 33 issues between May 1934 and September 1938 available on Most of these issues are unindexed and attached to 3 indexed issues.
VochenblattONYiddish-language communist newspaper published in Toronto from 1926 to 1979. Issues from 1953 to 1963 (some gaps) are available.
Canadian Jewish Chronicle QCSearchable archive of issues 1914-1967 (except 1950). Some missing issues between 1917-1918 can be found here. Merged with the Canadian Jewish Review in December 1966 to become the Chronicle Review.
Chronicle ReviewQCCreated by the merger of the Canadian Jewish Review and the Canadian Jewish Chronicle in December 1966. Ceased publication in 1976. Issues after the merger are online at for the period from December 1966 to June 1969 (missing some issues) here, and for the period from July 1969 to July 1970 (missing some issues) here.
Canadian Jewish TimesQCThe Jewish Times was the first English-language Jewish newspaper published in Canada. It began publication in December 1897 in Montreal, and later became known as The Canadian Jewish Times. The newspaper was bought in 1914 by the owner of the Keneder Adler, who transformed it into the Canadian Jewish Chronicle.

Issues from Oct 1908 to May 1910 (missing some issues) via at this link and from May 1910 to April 1914 (missing some issues) at this link.
The Jewish RecordQCPublished in Montreal, with additional office in Toronto. Several issues from 1937 available here.
Keneder AdlerQCMontreal-based daily Yiddish newspaper published 1907-1988. The paper is available on microfiche, but has not been digitized.

The entire text from 6600 obituaries for the period 1908-1935 have been translated and indexed and can either be searched by name or browsed.

The July 8, 1932 Centennial Jubilee Edition of the Keneder Adler (Canadian Eagle) published in English, French, and Yiddish is available on at this link. This edition commemorates the centenary of Jewish emancipation in Canada.
The “Y” Beacon

The Y.M.H.A. Beacon

Y.W.H.A. News
QCThe “Y” Beacon (a.k.a. The Y.M.H.A. Beacon) was the official newspaper of the Montreal Y.M.H.A. (Young Men’s Hebrew Association); Issues available for the periods 1926 – 1942 and 1958 – 1960 here, and for the period 1943 – 1957 here.

The Y.M.H.A. amalgamated with the Y.W.H.A. (Young Women’s Hebrew Association) in 1950. Prior to amalgamation, the Y.W.H.A. had its own news organ; 28 of the issues between 1940 and 1949 are online at Y.W.H.A. News.


A brief history of Jewish press in America is covered in this article from the National Library of Israel. The majority of the links below are to English language newspapers, but the article provides links to the many Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino newspapers published in the US. Most of our links are to free sites, a few are to subscription sites like Our listing also contain links to obituary and life-cycle (birth, marriage, death, etc.) databases that have been abstracted from various newspapers. These listings can be isolated by using the ‘Search’ function below. Last updated: June 18 2021.

The Phoenix Jewish NewsAZFounded in Phoenix in 1948. Issues from Dec 31, 1948 to Nov 27, 1964 available as part of the Arizona Memory Project. A portion of the newspaper’s photographs are online in The Phoenix Jewish News Photograph Collection.
Arizona Jewish PostAZFounded in Tucson in 1946 as the Arizona Post and the word “Jewish” added in later years. The newspaper ceased operations as of March 1, 2021. Issues from 1946 to 1963 online as part of the Arizona Memory Project. Issues from 2016 to 2020 are online here.
B'nai B'rith MessengerCAA chronicle of Jewish life in Los Angeles. Published 1897-1995. 1898-1977 available online
Jewish Community Chronicle CAPublished in Los Angeles, starting 1947. Issues from 2011 to 2019 are available here. Past issues since March 2019 are available here.
Jewish JournalCAPublished in Los Angeles. Use the Search field on the home page to search past issues. Prior print issues since 2017 can be viewed here.
The Jewish News of Northern CaliforniaCAPublished in San Francisco; 1903 - 2021 (87 issues)
The Jewish OutlookCOPublished in Denver. Issues from August 5, 1904 to June 11, 1909 online in the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.
The Denver Jewish News
Intermountain Jewish News
COFounded in Denver in 1913. Issues of The Denver Jewish News are online from October 24, 1918 to December 27, 1922 in the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection. The newspaper’s name changed to Intermountain Jewish News in 1925.

A searchable obituary database for Intermountain Jewish News, 1918-2011, is contained within the JewishGen USA Database and is described here. A version in pdf format is here.
Connecticut Jewish LedgerCTFounded in 1929. Limited issues between 1935 and 1938 are online in the Connecticut State Library Digital Collections. Use the Search field on the CT Jewish Ledger home page to search past issues. Past issues since 2019 can be viewed here.

The Connecticut Jewish Ledger Obituary Database is contained within the JewishGen USA Database and is described here.
Heritage Florida Jewish NewsFLPublished in Orlando. Available online: 1976-1980 & 2008-2016. Issues during the period 2006 to 2009 are online at
The Jewish FloridianFLPublished in Miami. Available online: Oct 1928 - May 1990
The Jewish Floridian: community editions.FLCommunity editions of the Jewish Floridian:
Greater Hollywood - 1970-1983; Greater Ft. Lauderdale - 1974-1990; North Broward - 1971-1975; Palm Beach County -1970-1990; Pinellas County - 1980-1986; South Broward - 1984-1987; South County - 1979-1990; Tampa - 1979- 1988
The Southern Jewish WeeklyFLPublished in Jacksonville, Florida until 1992. Online issues from 1939 to 1956 are here.
Southern IsraeliteGAPublished in Atlanta. Circulated throughout Georgia and the South. Available online: 1929-1986
American JewessILPublished in Chicago 1895-1899. The first English-language periodical targeted to American Jewish women, covering an evocative range of topics that ranged from women's place in the synagogue to whether women should ride bicycles.
Chicago Jewish StarILPublished from 1991 to 2018. Searchable at by subscription. ($)
JUF NewsILPublished by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. Search death notices and obituaries published from 1994 through August 2019 by searching in the JUF Death Notices and Obituaries database. Obituaries published by JUF News 2003 to date are online here.
The Jewish AdvanceILPublished in Chicago (1878-??). Online issues from June 14, 1878 to October 14, 1881 are here.
The Reform AdvocateILPublished in Chicago for over 50 years. Available online from 1891 to 1946.
The SentinelILThe premier Chicago Jewish weekly, 1911-1996. 1911-1977 online
The Jewish Post & OpinionINCollection includes:
The Jewish Post 1933-1946
The National Jewish Post 1946-1957
The National Jewish Post and Opinion 1957-1966
The Indiana Jewish Post and Opinion 1966-2005.

The Jewish Post and Opinion, 1933-2005, is included in the Hoosier State Chronicles. Archived issues of The Jewish Post and Opinion, divided by National and Indiana editions, are online in its Newspaper Archive with links to issues from 2009 to 2013. Indiana editions since 2014 are here. National editions since 2014 are here.
Chronicler-SpokesmanKYPublished in Louisville. 1930-12-26 - 1933-10-27 was available, but currently offline
SpokesmanKYSuccessor to the Chronicle-Spokesman. Published Nov 1933 to Dec 1937. Currently offline.
Kentucky Jewish ChronicleKYPublished in Louisville. 1937-1938 was available. Currently offline.
Jewish Louisville CommunityKYPublished by the Jewish Community Federation of Louisville since 1970s. Search and browse issues from 1970s through 1990s via the Community newspaper digital archive. Access digital copies of Community from 2013-present on the Community newspaper website.
The Jewish LedgerLAPublished in New Orleans from 1895 to 1963. Online issues from 1915 to 1917 available here. The 1945 Golden Jubilee edition is available here.
The Jewish AdvocateMAThe Jewish Advocate served the Greater Boston area. It suspended publication after 118 years in 2020. The newspaper reached an agreement with NewsBank to digitize the complete archives of issues from May 26, 1905 through September 25, 2020. There will be a link here when the digital archive is completed.

The JewishGen USA Database contains three searchable databases from The Boston Jewish Advocate. Their descriptions are: Obituaries covers 1905-2020; Wedding Announcements covers 1905-2012; “Seeking Kin” Announcements covers 1916-1990.
The Jewish Times (Boston)MAAlternate titles Boston Jewish Times, The Jewish Weekly Times – published 1945 to 1992.

The Boston Jewish Times Obituary Database is contained within the JewishGen USA Database and is described here.
The JusticeMAStudent newspaper of Brandeis University. Online: Sept 1949-present
The Detroit Jewish News Digital ArchivesMISearch or browse The Detroit Jewish Chronicle (1916-1951) and Detroit Jewish News (1942-2018).
The American Jewish WorldMNWeekly published in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Online issues for 1915 to 1976 available here. The AJW Digital Archives has online issues from 1915 to 1990 here. Both collections have gaps but each contains some issues that are missing from the other collection.
The Jewish VoiceMOWeekly newspaper published in St. Louis, Missouri. Issues online from January 6, 1888 to December 31, 1920.
Charlotte Jewish NewsNCJewish News from Charlotte, North Carolina. 1979-2019.
The American Jewish Times
The American Jewish Times Outlook
NCThe American Jewish Times began publication in 1936. It merged with the Southern Jewish Outlook in 1950 to become The American Jewish Times Outlook, which ran until 2001. Links to online issues from 1937 to 1950 are listed here. Links to online issues from 1950 to 1988 are listed here.
The Jewish PressNEPublished in Omaha, Nebraska. Browse and search over 100 years of The Jewish Press since 1920.
Jewish Community NewsNJPublished in Clifton, Passaic county. Search for issues online from 1980-1985 here. Enter “Jewish Community News” as an exact phrase to get issues. Browse issues of the newspaper within “Historical Newspapers United States and Canada login” with a free account here.
The Jewish HorizonNJCentral New Jersey newspaper; Issues online from 1982 to 1997. Search here or browse here.
The Jewish PostNJPublished in Paterson, Passaic county. Search issues online from 1934 to 1941 here. Enter “Jewish Post” as an exact phrase to get issues. Browse issues of the newspaper within “Historical Newspapers United States and Canada login” with a free account here.
The Jewish StandardNJPublished in Jersey City. Search issues online from 1931 to 1936 here. Enter “Jewish Standard” as an exact phrase to get issues. Browse issues of the newspaper within “Historical Newspapers United States and Canada login” with a free account here.
New Jersey Jewish NewsNJFounded in 1946 as The Jewish News; Issues online from 1946 to 2016. Search or browse.
Las Vegas IsraeliteNVFounded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1965. Issues online from 1965-1996 (some gaps).
The American Hebrew & Jewish MessengerNYPublished in New York City. The Jewish Messenger (1857-1902) merged with The American Hebrew in 1903 to become The American Hebrew and Jewish Messenger. From April 1922 to 1932 it reverted to the name The American Hebrew.
The Jewish Messenger is available here from 1857-1902. Enter “Jewish Messenger” as an exact phrase to get issues. Issues of The American Hebrew from May to October 1896 are available online here. Issues of The American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger from May 1920 to February 1922 are accessible online here. Issues from February to May 1922 are accessible online here. Issues from May 1923 to May 1925 are accessible online here. Also available online from 1857 to 1922 from select libraries with a subscription to the ProQuest database, American Jewish Newspapers.
The AsmoneanNYPublished in New York from 1849-1858. First English-language Jewish weekly in the United States. Issues available from 1849 to 1858.
AufbauNYA German-Jewish emigre journal: 1934 - 2004 - in German. The Aufbau Survivor Lists database is here. All life-cycle events (birth, marriage, etc.) listed in Aufbau have been indexed: The Aufbau Indexing Project database is here and here.
NYYiddish newspaper published in New York City since 1897. Online issues from 1897 to 1979 are available here. The Price Library of Judaica Forverts Collection contains several anniversary issues (both New York and Chicago editions) from 1922 to 1967 here.
The Hebrew LeaderNYPublished in New York City. Online issues available from 1865 to 1882.
The Hebrew StandardNYPublished in New York City. Online issues available from 1893 to 1922.
Jewish JournalNYPublished in New York, 1890-1906. Not to be confused with the current LA periodical of the same name. Enter "Jewish Journal" as an exact phrase to search for issues. Browse issues of the newspaper within “Historical Newspapers United States and Canada login” with a free account here.
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)NYBased in New York City but with international coverage: 1920-present.
La AmerikaNYLadino newspaper: 1910-1922.
The American IsraeliteOHPublished in Cincinnati. Longest running English-language Jewish newspaper in the United States. Available online from 1854 to 2000 from select libraries with a subscription to the ProQuest database, American Jewish Newspapers. Issues from 1854 to 1922 only are also searchable at by subscription ($). The 1904 Golden Jubilee edition of The American Israelite is available here.
Cleveland Jewish News Digital ArchivesOHSearch the Cleveland Jewish News (since October 30, 1964}, as well as issues of The Hebrew Observer (1889-1898); The Jewish Independent (1906-1964); The Jewish Review (1895-1899); The Jewish Review and Observer (1899-1958); and The Jewish World (1913-1952).

The Cleveland Jewish News Obituary Database is here.
Ohio Jewish ChronicleOHNewspaper from Columbus, OH. 1922-1994.
Toledo Jewish NewsOHPublished in Toledo, Ohio. Issues since 2014 available via the name link. Archives are available to search or browse from 1938-2005 and 2013-2019 here.
The Jewish TribuneORPublished in Portland, OR. Online issues from 1911 to 1917.
The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper ProjectPAThe Project is composed of The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), The Jewish Chronicle (1962-2010), and the Y-JCC series (1926-1975). Searchable with pdf images of pages
Jewish ExponentPAPublished in Philadelphia since 1887. Use the search field on the newspaper’s home page to search for life cycle events (births, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, engagements, weddings, etc…). The range of years searched varies depending upon the life cycle event. Available online from 1887 to 1990 from select libraries with a subscription to the ProQuest database, American Jewish Newspapers.

Search the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent Obituary Database, an index of more than 63,500 obituary notices which appeared in the newspaper. Search for online obituaries published in the Jewish Exponent since January 2011 here. Search for online death notices published in the Jewish Exponent since February 2006 here.
The Occident and American Jewish AdvocatePAPublished 1843-1869. The leading Jewish publication in the United States during this period. Also available here.
Rhode Island Jewish Newspapers CollectionRIDigitized images since 1929 of The Jewish Herald, later named The Jewish Voice & Herald and Rhode Island Jewish Herald are available here.

Obituaries from these Rhode Island Jewish newspapers and other newspapers are searchable here.
The Jewish HeraldTXPublished in Houston, 1908-1911. Search the Houston Jewish Herald-Voice Database, containing life-cycle event information transcribed from the newspaper for the period from 1908 to 2018.
The Jewish MonitorTXPublished in Fort Worth, 1919-1921
Texas Jewish PostTXPublished in Fort Worth, 1947-2011
Jewish NewsVAPublished in southeastern Virginia. Online archives from 1947 to 2018.
The Jewish SouthVAPublished in Richmond, 1893-1899. One of few publications concerning Jews in the South, it reported on events of neighbouring counties in Virginia including Norfolk, Staunton, and Petersburg.
The Jewish TranscriptWAPublished in Seattle, 1924-2014. Issues available online between 1924 and 1986 (some years/issues missing).
Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleWIPublished in Milwaukee. Search archived life cycle events from the “Life Cycle” drop down list on the home page of the paper. Digital images of the newspaper from 1921 to 1997 are accessible with a subscription ($).

Search the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Obituary Index for the years 1921-1996.


The history of Jewish newspapers and periodicals in Eastern Europe is covered in an article from the YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe. Last updated June 7 2021.

Historical Jewish PressWorld-wideSearchable collection of hundreds of Jewish newspapers published in over 30 countries, in multiple languages, and spanning the period from the late 18th century up to and including the 21st. The various sections of the Historical Jewish Press Project are listed here, and include:
19th Century Press Jewish Press in Poland Yiddish PressRussian Jewish Press Ladino PressYishuv and State of Israel PressJewish Press in Arab LandsLatin America PressJewish Press in the USAChildren’s Newspapers

The project seeks to provide representation of all the Jewish communities of the world and the newspapers which they have published. Search and browse the newspapers here. The collection can be sorted by title, language, region, country, and publication years. Notable newspapers in English include The Palestine Post, forerunner of today’s The Jerusalem Post.
HaMagid and HaMelitz
Eastern EuropeSearch results from the following three databases can be used in conjunction with the National Library of Israel’s Historical Jewish Press collection, which has digitized images of the Hebrew-language newspapers. HaMagid from 1856 to 1903 and HaMelitz from 1860 to 1904.
Town Index to Donor Lists in HaMagid, 1856-1900.
HaMagid Persian Famine Donation Lists, 1871-1872.
Lithuanian and Latvian Jewish donations in HaMelitz, 1893-1903.
Price Library of JudaicaWorld-wideThirty-eight anniversary issues of 25 Jewish newspapers from around the world. The newspapers date from 1904 to 1973 and come from Argentina, France Germany, Israel, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.
Digital Library of
Alliance Israélite Universelle
French speakingDigitized publications from the French-speaking Jewish communities in France, North Africa and the Middle East.
The Jewish Chronicle OnlineUKCurrent online newspaper. Access to the archives requires payment
AJR JournalUKJournal of the Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain. 1946-2021.
Belfast Jewish Gazette (1933-1934)

Belfast Jewish Record (1954-2015)
UKPublications for the Belfast and Northern Irish Jewish community.
Historical German-Jewish NewspapersGermanySearchable. Over 300 newspapers and journals via the portal Compact Memory.
Leo Baeck Institute Library
Periodical Collection
World-widePeriodical collection includes numerous German-language Jewish newspapers that were published in several countries


The NetherlandsDutch website. Digitized Jewish newspapers and magazines include Ha’ischa (organ of the Jewish women’s councils in The Netherlands) (1929-1939); De Vrijdagavond (1924-1932); Nieuw Israelietisch weekblad (1865-1940); Het joodsche weekblad (1940-1943); De Heraut (1850-1855); and De Heraut (1856-1870).
Interwar Jewish Press of
Galicia, Volhynia and Bukovina
South-Eastern EuropeCollection of 27 titles of Jewish newspapers, mostly in Polish, with some Yiddish and German.
Centralna Biblioteka Judaistyczna
(Central Judaic Library in Poland)
PolandNumerous Jewish magazines and newspapers in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Polish from the collection of the Jewish Historical Institute can be found within “Czasopisma” under “Kolekcje” (Collections).
Jewish Telegraphic AgencyUS & WorldNewspaper established 1917, currently being published. Searchable archive, 1923 - onwards.
Australian Jewish NewspapersAustralia180 Years of Australian Jewish newspapers are being digitized and made accessible through both the National Library of Israel (via the Historical Jewish Press) and the National Library of Australia (via Trove). The Australian Jewish newspapers currently accessible on Trove are listed here.

Death notices from the Australian Jewish News since 1999 have been indexed here. Select Australian Jewish News from the newspaper list when searching.
South African Jewish ReportSouth AfricaFounded in 1998. Archived issues since 2011 are online.
Cape Jewish ChronicleSouth AfricaEstablished in 1984 in Cape Town, South Africa. Archived issues since 2012 are online.
Shanghai Jewish Chronicle (1939-1945)

Shanghai Echo (1946-1948)

Acht Uhr Abendblatt (1939-1941)

S.Z. am Mittage der Shanghai Post (1939-1940)
ChinaThe Shanghai Jewish Chronicle, later the Shanghai Echo, was one of many German-language periodicals published for Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai. Two other papers from that time are also available.