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Immigration Stories from my Family Trees

by Catherine Youngren
Past President, JGSBC

Catherine explores the events surrounding the journeys of her Polish, Jewish, Scottish, Presbyterian, English Methodist, and Swiss Free Church ancestors made, finding new homes in England, Scotland and Canada. As Catherine continues to research her roots, she is fascinated by both the unique aspects of each journey, but perhaps, more importantly, by the parallel experiences of each family.

What were the “wheres, the whens, and the whys” behind the decisions to leave their place of birth?

The Jewish Genealogical Society of British Columbia (JGSBC), a non-profit organization, brings together people who are interested in pursuing their Jewish ancestry or family history. Together with the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC we try to restore the history and family links that time has erased.

While there are many resources available on the internet, their use does require some skill and training. Many traps await the unwary: name changes, spelling errors, the same name for two different people, the many vagaries of census takers, clerks and other takers of record. The difficult task of digitizing the records has led to other errors creeping in. We will help you to avoid those pitfalls and develop an accurate and descriptive family tree. If you are interested in joining us, you can pay for a yearly membership here. Any questions? – send us an email.

This site also has links to resources (including Jewish newspaper archives) that we have found useful in our research.

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