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Newspaper archives are a valuable resource for genealogists. One can derive a wealth of information from the social notices that were common in community newspapers of the past, as well as from detailed obituaries. If you are very lucky there may even be an articles about one of your ancestors!

This page provides links to archives of community and regular newspapers from all over the world. Most are historical. Languages include English, French, German, Hebrew, Ladino, Polish and Yiddish. The page is in three parts: Canadian, American and international papers. Most of the links were provided by Cheryl Rimer, a member, who gave a talk on this subject. New links will be added from time-to-time. Last updated: May 14 2021.


Edmonton Jewish NewsABSearchable. Covers 1991-2009. Issues from Dec 2014 to May 2019 are available
Edmonton Jewish LifeABBrowsable archive. Published 1992- 2006.
Edmonton Jewish Times & RecordABBrowsable archive. Published 1987-1991
Our Community News (Edmonton)ABOur Community News was a non-profit newspaper published and distributed by the Edmonton Jewish Community Council. Sometime between 1967 and 1973, its name was changed to Your Community News. Your Community News ceased publishing in 1980.
The Jewish Star (Edmonton edition)ABBrowsable archive. Published 1980-1990.
The Jewish Star (Calgary Edition) ($)ABIssues from Dec 1, 1980 to June 1, 1990 - some free pages and clippings; other issues accessible with a subscription
Jewish Western BulletinBCFounded in BC in 1930, became the Jewish Independent in 2005. Archive covers precursor publications and runs from 1925 to 2004. A large portion of the photographic archives of the newspaper dating primarily from 1960 to 1990 are held by the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia. Over 2,000 of these photographs can be viewed online
Jewish Post

Western Jewish News

Israelite Press

MBThese papers are stored in the Archives of the Jewish Western Centre of Western Canada. All three newspapers can be searched together at this link. There is some overlap between the Jewish Post on this site and the Jewish Post and News site.
Jewish Post and News (Winnipeg) MBFounded 1925. Searchable database brings up page images
Canadian Jewish NewsONFounded in 1960 and now Canada's largest Jewish Newspaper. Archive covers 1960-end 1993.
Canadian Jewish ReviewONArchive covers 1921-1966. Became the Chronicle Review in 1966 and ceased publication in 1976
Ottawa Jewish BulletinONPublished since 1937. Issues between 2007-2018 can be accessed through the 'Library' link of the website. Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Archive contains issues from 1937-2009.
Canadian Jewish Chronicle QCSearchable archive of all issues 1914-1967 (except 1950). Via
The Canadian Jewish Heritage NetworkQCYiddish obituaries from the Keneder Adler (1908-1935). The entire text of the obituaries from this Montreal-based daily newspaper have been translated and indexed here.


A brief history of Jewish press in America is covered in this article from the National Library of Israel. Most of the links below are to English newspapers but the article provides links to Yiddish and Ladino newspapers published in New York.

B'nai B'rith MessengerCAA chronicle of Jewish life in Los Angeles. Published 1897-1995. 1898-1921 available online
Jewish Community Chronicle CAPublished in Los Angeles. Available online: February 1, 1947 – December 20, 2000
Jewish JournalCAPublished in Los Angeles. Online archive: late 1997 - present
The Jewish News of Northern CaliforniaCAPublished in San Francisco; 13 Nov 1903 - 22 Dec 1967 (80 issues)
Heritage Florida Jewish NewsFLPublished in Orlando. Available online: 1976-1980 & 2008-2016
The Jewish FloridianFLPublished in Miami. Available online: Oct 1928 - May 1990
The Jewish Floridian: community editions.FLCommunity editions of the Jewish Floridian:
Greater Hollywood - 1970-1983; Greater Ft. Lauderdale - 1974-1990; North Broward - 1971-1975; Palm Beach County -1970-1990; Pinellas County - 1980-1986; South Broward - 1984-1987; South County - 1979-1990; Tampa - 1979- 1988
Southern IsraeliteGAPublished in Atlanta. Circulated throughout Georgia and the South. Available online: 1929-1986
The SentinelILThe premier Chicago Jewish weekly, 1911-1996. 1911-1949 online
American JewessILPublished in Chicago 1895-1899. The first English-language periodical targeted to American Jewish women, covering an evocative range of topics that ranged from women's place in the synagogue to whether women should ride bicycles.
The Jewish Post & OpinionINCollection includes:
The Jewish Post 1933-1946
The National Jewish Post 1946-1957
The National Jewish Post and Opinion 1957-1966
The Indiana Jewish Post and Opinion 1966-2005
Chronicler-SpokesmanKYPublished in Louisville. Online: 1930-12-26 - 1933-10-27
SpokesmanKYSuccessor to the Chronicle-Spokesman. Published Nov 1933 to Dec 1937.
Kentucky Jewish ChronicleKYPublished in Louisville. Online: 1937-1938
The Jewish Times (Boston)MAAlternate titles Boston Jewish Times, The Jewish Weekly Times – published 1945 to 1992.
The JusticeMAStudent newspaper of Brandeis University. Online: Sept 1949-present
Detroit Jewish NewsMIA pro-Zionist newspaper serving the Metro-Detroit region. 1942-2012
Charlotte Jewish NewsNCJewish News from Charlotte, North Carolina. 1979-2011
Jewish JournalNYPublished in New York, 1890-1906. Not to be confused with the current LA periodical of the same name. Enter "Jewish Journal" as an exact phrase to get issues.
AufbauNYA German-Jewish emigre journal: 1951- 2004 - in German
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)NYBased in New York City but with international coverage: 1920-present
La AmerikaNYLadino newspaper: 1910-1925
Cleveland Jewish News Digital ArchivesOHSearch the Cleveland Jewish News (since October 30, 1964}, as well as issues of The Hebrew Observer (1889-1898); The Jewish Independent (1906-1964); The Jewish Review (1895-1899); The Jewish Review and Observer (1899-1958); and The Jewish World (1913-1952)
Ohio Jewish ChronicleOHNewspaper from Columbus, OH. 1922-1944
The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper ProjectPAThe Project is composed of The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), The Jewish Chronicle (1962-2010), and the Y-JCC series (1926-1975). Searchable with pdf images of pages
The Occident and American Jewish AdvocatePAPublished 1843-1869. The leading Jewish publication in the United States during this period.
The Jewish HeraldTXPublished in Houston, 1908-1911.
The Jewish MonitorTXPublished in Fort Worth, 1919-1921
Texas Jewish PostTXPublished in Fort Worth, 1947-2011
The Jewish SouthVAPublished in Richmond, 1893-1899. One of few publications concerning Jews in the South, it reported on events of neighboring counties in Virginia including Norfolk, Staunton, and Petersburg.
Jewish TranscriptWAPublished in Seattle, 1924-2014


The Jewish Chronicle Online (UK)Current online newspaper. Access to the archives requires payment
Historical Jewish PressSearchable page images from 80 Newspapers, the majority in Hebrew or Yiddish, but contains some English journals, notably the 'Palestine Post', the forerunner of today's Jerusalem Post.
Jewish Telegraphic Agency - ArchiveArchive of articles of Jewish interest. Searchable
Early Hebrew NewspapersHalevanon (1863-1886), Hamagid (1856-1903), Havazelet (1863-1911), Hazefirah (1862-1931), Hameliz (1860-1904) Hazevi/Haor/Hashkafa (1884-1914). Partial author and subject access is provided for Halevanon, Hamagid and Havazelet but limited to Eretz Israel topics in these three newspapers.
Historical German-Jewish NewspapersSearchable. About 180 newspapers - various years.
Price Library of JudaicaThirty-eight anniversary issues of 25 Jewish newspapers from around the world. The newspapers date from 1904 to 1973 and come from Argentina, France Germany, Israel, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.
The Hebrew Standard of Australasia (Sydney, NSW: 1895-1953)Enter Advanced search and select 'New South Wales' in states - then show titles. Uncheck box next to 'New South Wales' and check box next to 'Hebrew Standard'.
Shanghai Jewish Chronicle (China: 1939-1945)

Shanghai Echo (China: 1946-1948)
The Shanghai Jewish Chronicle, later the Shanghai Echo, was one of many German-language periodicals published for Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai.